• Raúl Duran, Sr. // Instant

    Raúl Duran, Sr. // Instant

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    Expertly Produced Instant Coffee

    Each box includes 6 individual packs that contain 5g of freeze dried coffee. For best results mix with 8 - 10 oz of filtered water. 

    About Raúl Duran, Sr. :

    Raul Duran’s coffee comes to us via our longtime producing partner Astrid Medina.  Raul Duran Sr. is the father of Astrid Medina’s husband (also called Raul Duran).  He’s currently 74 years old and a second generation coffee grower who, while he’s not managing the farm, also operates a General Purpose & Agricultural Store in Gaitania.

    Raúl is passionate about what he does and has been heavily involved in the Colombian coffee community for many years.  He’s worked for the National Colombian Coffee Growers Federation since 1970 and purchased El Porvenir (meaning “Things To Come”) in 1977.  Porvenir’s trees are replanted every 6 years, on rotation, meaning that the producing trees stay relatively young.  All of the coffee produced on Raúl’s farm is washed processed, spending between 24-36 hours in fermentation tanks and dried in two stages, spending 8-15 days on a raised covered platform before the coffee is finished in a mechanical dryer.

    Gaitania, Planadas, Tolima
    El Porvenir
    Red & Yellow v.Colombia, Castillo
    1580 - 1700 MASL

    Produced in collaboration with Swift Cup Coffee.