• Rosarios Altos // Piura, Peru
  • Rosarios Altos // Piura, Peru

    Rosarios Altos // Piura, Peru

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    The town of Rosarios Altos is located in the district of Carmen de la Frontera, within the Piura region, which lies just below the southern tip of Ecuador and the rest of Peru. The district here is characterized by extremely varied altitudes due to the location along the Andes Mountains. This area is known as Selva Alta, or ‘high jungle’, where the climate becomes much more tropical and forested, and where the agricultural biodiversity broadens.

    These conditions create a more challenging task for coffee producers here, but the culmination of climate, natural shade, and biodiversity can lead to healthy soil, healthy trees, and an outstanding cup profile. This community lot comes from the producers from Rosarios Altos.

    Carmen de la Frontera, Huancabamba
    Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Catimor
    1800 MASL
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