Why We Coffee Shot // How We Coffee Shot

Why We Coffee Shot //

You're in a new city, excited to pop into the local café and see what this city's coffee culture has to offer.  It's a Saturday morning and the shop is bustling.  "This must be the spot to be!" you think to yourself, excited that you picked the right café.  As you wait in line you notice the elaborate looking pour-over stand at the center of the bar and watch the barista swiftly dance from cone to cone pouring tiny amounts of hot water over each.

The line...

The Café : A Microcosm for Social Change

For so many, the café is a place where you can snag a cup of coffee and make use of the free WiFi to settle in for a few hours of work. It's a comforting place to pop in some headphones and tune out your surroundings with the latest album of your favorite artist, or stream the newest episode from one of the many podcasts you follow. Maybe there's a book that has kept you up way later than you need to be, and the line between the thrill of the story and the buzz from the caffeine is getting...


Hello and welcome to the HEX Coffee Journal.

HEX began as three friends who brewed coffee together and started to see the way that the ceremony of it could bring community together.  We began inviting others into our tradition, and the scope of things got larger and larger until it became obvious that the impact of bringing people together over a simple cup of coffee had implications that begged to be brought into the fold.

A community brought together to celebrate the humble cup.  A community brought together over a...